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Glendale Exploring New Renewable Energy Sources

May 2016

Since 1994, the Scholl Canyon Landfill has played an integral role in Glendale’s energy portfolio. The construction of a five mile pipeline from Scholl Canyon to Grayson Power Plant in 1994 allows for landfill gases to be processed, shipped, and repurposed into electricity. The City has been exploring new options to better harvest these gases and other renewable methods of using Scholl Canyon Landfill to generate electricity. Simply, the city of Glendale prioritizes efforts to generate clean power and identify waste to energy strategies.

The City of Glendale has used gases from Scholl Canyon Landfill as a means of producing electricity since July 1994. This waste-to-energy model has helped sustainably power Glendale for years. However, the current system is growing increasingly old and inefficient. As part of Glendale’s goal to transform Scholl Canyon into a clean, high-tech waste conversion facility, the Glendale City Council has authorized proposals for a more efficient and sustainable power plant within Scholl Canyon Landfill itself. This on-site power generation would result in higher efficiency landfill gas collection and more renewable energy for the Glendale community.

There is more than one way the land in Scholl Canyon Landfill can be used to provide renewable energy for residents. In 2015, the Glendale City Council voted 5-0 to determine the feasibility of 100 acres worth of solar paneling at Scholl Canyon. The addition of solar panels and the continued use of gas from the landfill would even further boost Glendale’s renewable energy portfolio. Skylar, the company which has taken on the task of determining the project’s feasibility, is expected to come back to the city with a proposal at no-cost to tax payers.

These two efforts are just some of the ways Glendale seeks to transform Scholl Canyon from a traditional landfill to a high-tech site where waste takes on new life as a renewable source of energy for our communities. is the authoritative source for the latest Scholl Canyon Landfill news, facts, and updates.

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