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Scholl Canyon Landfill

The only public landfill located in the City of Glendale is Scholl Canyon Landfill, which is operated by the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts. It can be reached by taking the Figueroa Boulevard exit off the 134 Freeway and taking Figueroa north into the hills until it ends at the Landfill.

Integrated waste management and resource recovery is a unified system, and the City of Glendale has to look at it as such. And, realistically, at least for the foreseeable future, landfills will play a role in that system, albeit a diminishing role as Glendale progresses toward the goal of zero waste.

Scholl Canyon Landfill Disposal 


The City of Glendale has long controlled its own destiny with regard to solid waste management. This has provided long-term security, financial stability, and environmental protection to the City in an era characterized by closing landfills, landfill scarcity, and rising landfill costs. And, it is reassuring to know that the City  controls how safely and environmentally responsible its waste is handled.


In that regard, Scholl Canyon is a major asset for the City within its integrated waste management strategy. Our long-term proposal is to maintain the availability of that asset for use in a responsible, reasonable manner – not to expand operations or to lessen our commitment to recycling, materials recovery, and alternative and conversion technologies. We want our residents and businesses to be protected from and not be held hostage by other government entities or private companies, which could cause major disruptions to the delicate balance within our integrated waste management system.


If Scholl Canyon were to close, resulting in transportation and disposal of the City’s existing solid waste at Sunshine Canyon Landfill, the overall cost increase to the City of Glendale would be in excess of $3 million per year.

Scholl Canyon Golf Course 


Located atop the rugged Verdugo Mountain Range in Glendale, California, the Scholl Canyon Golf and Tennis Club offers exceptional golf and tennis facilities at an affordable price. The William P. Bell-designed golf course that is consistently rated among the top mid-range courses in the country. With panoramic views that stretch to the Pacific Ocean and overlook the Los Angeles basin and the San Fernando Valley, Scholl Canyon is a wonderfully situated sports complex in Southern California.

For more information on Scholl Canyon Golf Course, click here.

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